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Katie O'Malley, M.Ed., BCC
Founder + Executive Coach

My name is Katie O'Malley and I am a Leadership Coach and Educator with fifteen years of professional experience serving the nonprofit, corporate and education sectors. Across these workplaces, I noticed that my strengths and values consistently steered me toward the support and development of others. In 2013, I translated this observation into action and pursued a Master's Degree in Counseling and Board Certification in Coaching.


Coaching recent grads, experienced professionals, and small business owners aspiring to lead their teams and organizations is the most fulfilling, life-giving work on my resume. Earning the right to hear a client’s story, and creating a partnership that encourages the design of their most authentic and courageous life, is an incredible privilege. I hope to have the opportunity to work alongside you in this way.


Currently, I work full-time as the Senior Associate Director of Leadership Development at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business and am building (en)Courage Coaching + Consulting as my passion project. In my home life, my partner is a professional chef, so much of my spare time is spent in our kitchen testing his delicious recipes and hosting our friends for dinner.

Connect with me today to explore how our work together can move you toward your most courageous ways of living and leading.


Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Counseling I DePaul University


Board Certified Coach (BCC) 

Center for Credentialing in Education



Hogan Assessments  

Certification I 2017


Intercultural Development Inventory

Qualified Administrator I 2016


Carrie Lydon, M.S.
Leadership Coach

My name is Carrie Lydon and I utilize a unique coaching approach that blends empathy, curiosity and accountability to create space for clients to reflect, look forward and develop solutions to current issues. My coaching philosophy is based on the premise that each individual has the wisdom and answers necessary to address their situation. As a coach, I help clients uncover those answers to create change in their lives and careers. The relationship between a coach and client is a partnership based on trust, respect, and results. Through partnering with my clients, I facilitate a transformational experience that accelerates personal and professional growth.

I am a certified Organizational and Leadership Coach from Northwestern University, where I also received a Masters of Learning and Organizational Change. I live in the Chicagoland area with my partner and dog and enjoys exploring the world through travel.

Connect with me today to explore how our work together can move you toward your most courageous ways of living and leading.


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Living + leading with authenticity takes courage and sharing your authenticity with a coach is an act of bravery. This belief is honored in every coaching session and consulting engagement by tailoring an approach to meet the unique needs, talents, and goals of each client. 


So often, the folks with access to advanced development + training opportunities already hold leadership positions. As a matter of equity, we are committed to offering services that are financially accessible to traditionally underrepresented populations aspiring to lead within their teams + organizations.

As coaches, we are committed to your learning and our own. This means exquisitely listening to your stories during our sessions while maintaining exceptional curiosity for emerging leadership research + career trends outside of our work together.