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At (en)Courage Coaching + Consulting, leadership is a lifelong learning process that belongs to everyone, not just an elite few. With this, we work alongside our clients to help them make meaning of their strengths, values and professional experiences and translate this awareness into an effective leadership practice. By leaning into your genuine patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, we will strengthen your leadership identity as you learn to authentically leverage new skills and practices.


To achieve these outcomes, we will utilize strategies that fit your learning and development style. From powerful questions to reliable assessments, our coaching partnership will be tailored to meet your needs and goals.


Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Counseling I DePaul University


Board Certified Coach (BCC) 

Center for Credentialing in Education

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Our initial sessions with clients often reveal a dissatisfaction with their workplace. While this sentiment is pervasive, we also know the positive impact an inspired and inclusive work environment can have on well-being and professional growth. In this coaching partnership, we provide the tools and resources that allow clients to make deliberate choices and reframe or refocus their career approach. Through the exploration of individual interests, values, and motivators we will work alongside you as you explore the possibilities for your professional future. 

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Our personal and professional lives are deeply interconnected, which may present a challenge in knowing where to start with a coach. We encourage you to not let this serve as a barrier to connecting with us. In our coaching partnership, the only prerequisite is a desire to live and lead as your most authentic and courageous self. Through our initial sessions, we will work together to clarify your needs and identify the goals that will allow you to achieve the personal and professional possibilities awaiting you.


Hogan Assessments  

Certification I 2017


Intercultural Development Inventory

Qualified Administrator I 2016