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Our experience and research demonstrate that genuinely connecting with ourselves and colleagues activates individual talents and stimulates organizational change. At (en)Courage Coaching, we believe that human connection in the workplace generates the joy, inclusivity, and innovation necessary to bolster the bottom line. With this, our  training and consulting services seek to provide clients across sectors with the tools to develop a workplace culture that results in growth for the individual, the team, and the organization.

To achieve these outcomes, we work alongside our clients to design half, full, and multi-day engagements that meet the unique needs of their organization or team. From workshops on navigating conflict to group coaching sessions, we are ready to develop the experiential strategies that will move you toward your goals. 


Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Counseling I DePaul University


Board Certified Coach (BCC) 

Center for Credentialing in Education


Hogan Assessments  

Certification I 2017


Intercultural Development Inventory

Qualified Administrator I 2016